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I am a storyteller first and foremost.

With a background in graphic design and illustration, I dedicated nearly two decades to the design and branding industry. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with renowned brands such as Levi’s, Zumiez, and ASICS, among others. I thrive on storytelling and building trust, fostering successful brands through meaningful relationships and collaboration.

In addition to brand development, I am an avid creator of original and pop culture artwork, including prints, stickers, and engaging stories. My creations are frequently showcased on my online store, Instagram, at conventions, and makers markets, where I enjoy connecting with fellow art enthusiasts. This creative outlet allows me to indulge in my first love: illustration, while the support and appreciation from the community continually fuels my creative soul.

In my spare time, I immerse myself in experimental and passion projects, whether designing for social causes, sketching ideas, or nurturing concepts for future designs and illustrations. Staying engaged in the arts is more than just a pastime; it's a way of life that brings boundless joy and fulfillment.



The discovery meeting aims to understand the client's business, target audience, and competitive landscape, as well as to align stakeholders, define project goals, and establish scope. It marks the beginning of the branding process, ensuring everyone is on the same page and motivated to achieve success.


This is the exploration and research phase. This is a crucial phase where I conduct thorough research on the information captured during the discovery phase. Through analysis of market trends and consumer behavior, I gather insights to inform the design process. This stage involves brainstorming, sketches, and exploration of creative directions, including visual styles, color schemes, and typography, to effectively communicate the brand's identity and values.


The development stage is where research insights are translated into tangible brand elements. This includes creating the brand identity, defining brand messaging, and designing brand touchpoint examples related to the goal.


The presentation stage involves presenting the proposed brand concepts and solutions to clients or stakeholders for feedback. This includes showcasing visual mockups and design concepts across various touchpoints. It's a crucial step for collaboration, allowing for input and refinement before finalizing the brand identity.


The sign-off stage is the final phase where clients or stakeholders approve the proposed brand identity. Once approved, the designs are packaged, sent to the clients or stakeholders, and are ready for implementation across various touchpoints. It ensures agreement and satisfaction before the brand is officially launched.

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