The Muses Digital

Project Overview
The Muses Digital, Inc. is a group of artists and creators dedicated to the craft of storytelling in the digital marketing space. They drive their clients forward through innovative brand strategies and unique stories. They understand the importance of setting a brand apart while staying true to the company’s core values and mission. The founder was inspired by the Nine Muses of Greek mythology whom were deities that gave artists, philosophers, and individuals the necessary inspiration for creation. This embodied his vision with each team member acting as the muses. He needed me to build a foundation for this agency from the ground up which included an illustrative logo in which the mark can stand on its own, the overall look-and-feel, social media design, website direction, voice and tone, plus more. The agency needed to be modern and elegant by marrying the technical with the creative.
Inspiration can come at a moment’s notice. What’s your muse?

The idea of the Muses mixed with the hexagon was the foundation for my design and provided many outlets for various touch points. What I loved most about working on this project is that after reviewing some of the parameters to work within, the client basically gave me carte blanche to deliver a brand that met his agency’s needs. Since the goal was to pair the technical with the creative, the hexagon served as the perfect design element for it. The hexagon shape is the connecting center of universal coherence which ties everything together and links everything back. The hexagonal shape is present throughout life, nature, and digital spaces. It’s symmetrical and bold. With its color palette, I went with a limited and darker direction which gives the brand a modern and luxurious feel which matches the elegance of the Muses. In voice and tone, the client didn’t want something that was too reserved. It needed to exude confidence. This allowed me to let loose with the messaging and visuals which conveyed an agency that took its job seriously but has fun with it also.

This brand is an official American Graphic Design Award winner from Graphic Design USA.
Sep 2019 - Mar 2020
The Muses DigitalGDUSA
Since the client was looking for more of an illustrative logo I couldn't wait to begin concept phase. It was right up my alley! I completed a few pages of logo and branding concept exploration for this. What I love about sketching out concepts, and it’s shown here, is that you can see how one idea can open the doors for similar or better ideas. I find the quick evolution of thoughts on paper to be extremely fascinating! Also when it comes to illustrative logos, simplifying is key. I find illustrative logos that are simpler in design to be most memorable and easier to digest visually. Below are some samples of my studies for The Muses Digital.