Stay (Home)

Graphic Design
Project Overview
Coronavirus is a global emergency on a scale unseen since the Great Depression and World War II. Both Viral Art Project and Amplifier launched emergency campaigns in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. These campaigns asked artists of all types to bring their skills and talents to help spread awareness of the challenges that we continue to face. In addition to that, these pieces would help promote mental health, well-being, and social change.
Everyone can do their part to help flatten the curve and save lives. It’s one of the simplest and effective actions one can take. Do it for you. Do it for others. Stay home.

Inspired and designed when the pandemic began, this piece was created to help raise awareness of the current climate. Straightforward in its form and execution, the goal was to help capture people's attention and to spread the word quickly and simply that staying home can help save lives. The design accomplishes this by utilizing large characters with the 'A' in "STAY" being substituted with a bright red home icon against the muted background color.

This design was submitted to both Viral Art Project and Amplifier. It was part of the first batch of posters created by Viral Art Project originally. Profits from all poster prints sold support the original artists as well as the Artist + the Activist Relief Fund. The design was also chosen out of 10,000 submissions by Amplifier to be part of their global public art campaign. Finally, in collaboration with Amplifier, Levi’s chose this design to be part of one of their capsule collections, “Spread the Word,” which “was designed for our changing times.”
Next are several sketches of poster ideas that I came up with. As you see, the idea for STAY (HOME) was immediate and it was the second sketch I did amongst many. Once I had the initial design down, I began color exploration. During this phase the bars above and below the letters were introduced as well. After experimenting with different palettes, I ended choosing bits of color from these designs and combining them to create the final piece.