LeaseLabs Rebrand

Project Overview
LeaseLabs is a GoDirect Marketing agency that is made up with experienced professionals specializing in disciplines ranging from branding, creative, websites and technology, and inbound marketing, creating a multidisciplinary firm that serves the multifamily industry. In 2018 LeaseLabs was acquired by RealPage, a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry. To better align with RealPage’s own brand, there was an opportunity to rebrand LeaseLabs which had retained the same look-and-feel since 2008. The theme was that LeaseLabs is now “going platinum” – elevated in all aspects in what they do and provide. The goal was to rebrand from top to bottom which included logo, overall look-and-feel, and more.
Our goals were to keep it simplistic yet sleek; have it be friendly, modern, and straightforward; and most importantly, maintain its brand equity.

This redesign pays homage to LeaseLabs’ past while introducing a glimpse into its future with the RealPage acquisition. It features subtle shifts in the color palette, logo treatment, and brand flexibility to help maintain trust with its clients and audience. This included reduction in the use of “LeaseLabs blue" (previous primary color), use of a flexible and scalable design system, including a RealPage presence into brand, and introduction of new brand elements. All of these changes were to be reflected in all aspects of LeaseLabs which included its products, collateral, promo items, web presence, digital media, social media, client experience, and more.

Being the Art Director for LeaseLabs, I took a hands-on approach and worked alongside the Creative Director and one of our high-level Senior Designers to accomplish this rebrand task. My contributions included strategy, exploration, design, production, and final execution in helping create a vision for what this all-new LeaseLabs would look like.
Dec 2018 — Mar 2019
LeaseLabs by RealPageCharlie Pitcher
Here are some initial ideas for LeaseLabs’ logo, potential advertising, collateral, and the icon system for the products they offer. These sketches helped provide the foundation of our visual strategy. Some ideas were scrapped and saved for another day; some evolved; and some remained the same, like the abbreviation idea that is currently in use.