My name is Chris Maze and I’m a jack-of-all-trades that excels at graphic design, production art, illustration, sequential art, digital art, photography, video production, conceptualizing ideas, brand identity, client relations, leadership, and many more. My experience, with many types of unique projects and jobs, makes me an ideal graphic artist. I have worked with high-profile clients such as, ASICS, Newcastle Brown Ale, Kyocera, Taylor Guitars, EPSON, Yosemite Conservancy, and Lincoln Property Company, to name a few. My passion of the arts shows through all of the projects that I have worked on, which has allowed me to develop healthy relationships with my colleagues and clients.

Currently as a Senior Designer, I lead a team of designers helping them develop and elevate their own unique skill sets. I love the notion of teamwork and strongly believe that my team is a huge part of what makes me a successful graphic designer. Not only do I help them grow, they help me grow as a leader as well. I practice and invite my peers, as well as others, to explore new and exciting ways to approach an idea; to not only think outside the box, but through it as well.

Every project that I take is always done to the best of my abilities. I will take any project as far as the client will allow it to go. I am not afraid to break traditional design and illustrations “rules” in order to achieve the vision as long as it stays within the boundaries of what the client has set. I ensure that in the end, the client is both satisfied and thrilled about the finished task that was assigned.

I also do freelance as well as experimental projects in my spare time. I love to push and develop my skill sets as much as I can to give my employer and clients the best experience and finished work that I can deliver.